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Certainty about work location has for many been changed by our collective experience of 2020. Our Work Location Profile Map offers insights into how to approach your work regardless of location. Watch our doodly to help orientate to the different sections of the Individual Report.


Whether you are freelance, working for yourself or part of an organisation. Our Individual Report is designed to give you insights that help you show up to your work and be your best.


The disruption of 2020 has meant that for many of us work location is now negotiable. Our understanding of flexible working is being expanded. Some people really enjoy the flexibility that comes when they Work From Home. Others find the experience challenging. Our diagnostic tool is designed to create insights that are customised to your experience and work location preference.


There is no magic in this process, we work with your survey responses and reflect back to you ideas to consider as you think about how to improve your experience of work regardless of location.


This process works best when you make some space to think about how you approach your work and bring an open intention to making small incremental changes. Make any changes you want to how you work and explore what works best for you. We believe that we can all improve our experience of being optimistic, productive and engaged in our work if we’ll commit to making small adjustments and noticing the outcomes. When something works for you adopt it into your work rhythm.

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