Summary Findings

Earlier this year we completed a piece of quantitative research around our experiences of Working From Home (WFH). This research was informed by a series of qualitative interviews that were conducted in January 2021. The media have been actively re-presenting WFH, or return to the office, stories as we have approached and passed the anniversary of national lockdown, here in the UK, in March this year. David Solomon has infamously defined WFH as an “aberration that we are going to correct as quickly as possible”. Around 80% of respondents to our research see a different future. Read more of our summary findings here.

In contrast to WFH naysayers there is also a range of other voices who offer more balanced comment on what may be new ways of working that are more compatible with shifting values and new leadership thinking. If you have not already done so, it would be worth making time to check out and return to the evolving perspectives of Julia Hobsbawm and Bruce Daisley.